Memories for a lifetime: Students are also involved in memory-making events including celebrating Pet Mass in October, Spirit Olympics during Catholic Schools Week, seasonal and holiday activities like Blarney Bowling and the Spring Fling, and the annual end-of-the-year Track and Field Day! Exciting field trips include Deep Portage (5th grade), Laura Ingalls Wilder Day (4th grade) and the Food Shelf (3rd grade).
• Faith is integrated throughout the day - teachers and other parents share your values and commitment to service.
• Co-Curricular Activities - the arts, extracurriculars and athletics enhance the learning experience and are available at all Catholic schools.
• Small Classes, individual attention - average class is much lower than local public schools.
• Accredited Schools - we undergo a rigorous accreditation process not required for public schools.
• ACT Scores - average score with 93% of Catholic high school students in the class of 2013 taking the test is 24.9, nearly 2 points above MN average and 4 points above the national average.
• Test Scores - on the SAT 10 standardized test given to Catholic school 8th graders in 2012-13: 
     - 95% ranked average or higher in math problem-solving
     - 94% ranked average or higher in science
     - 93% ranked average or higher in reading comprehension
• Supportive community - each child is encouraged to reach his or her highest potential
• Students in Catholic schools tend, more often than their peers in other schools, to view their teachers as caring, to find their coursework stimulating and enjoy a positive self-image (The Assessment of Catholic Religious Education, NCEA) 
• Catholic students later in life, place a high value on religion, have a positive outlook on marriage and family, express a high concern for other people, and will often express a good self-worth. (The Heart of the Matter: Effects of Catholic High Schools on Student Values, Beliefs & Behaviors, NCEA) 
• The National Catholic School graduation rate is 99.4% of high school students. Of these graduates, 84.9% go on to college, compared to 39.5% of public school graduates. (NCEA)

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St. Bernard’s School offers an accredited kindergarten through grade five challenging educational experience (including preschool, prekindergarten and all day, every day Kindergarten). The evidence shows high standards; strong motivation, effective discipline and a caring atmosphere that combine to faster excellence and a high quality of student performance.
Students in the 21st century are surrounded by technology in their homes, on the streets, in shopping malls, in the outdoors and most certainly in the classroom. St. Bernard’s is investing the future of the School and its students. Through the summers of 2012 and 2013, St. Bernard’s has successfully invested in a full technology overhaul and completely upgraded its infrastructure computer systems. Teachers and staff have all been trained and are excited to roll out the updates this fall to the 2013-2014 classes. 

Some of the major upgrades have consisted of smart boards, computer lab upgrades, mobile IPad stations, 100% wireless (wifi) capable, secure intranet, server upgrades and installing 24/7 monitoring and video surveillance security system. 

We believe that technology is only one of many steps in building an excellent atmosphere for learning. Technology is a tool that when properly applied has tremendous potential to aid teachers and students in teaching and learning. This is why St. Bernard’s has focused on leveraging technology to as a tool to enhance and support the fundamental curriculum established and delivered inside of St. Bernard’s. It is St. Bernard’s firm belief that the best computer, the best app or the best technology of any sort cannot replace quality teachers and low student to teacher ratio’s. Our curriculum is being enhanced and fundamentals upheld while continuously focusing on technology integration. 

Since 1925 St. Bernard’s Catholic School has combined great teacher’s great student to teacher ratio and the proper application of technology to provide students with the optimum circumstance for developing and achieving academic excellence. St. Bernard’s focuses on the whole person. With the belief that the school is an extension of the family and the first teacher is the parents, we have been delivering academic excellence for over 80 years in the community of Thief River Falls. Enrollment opportunities are still available. Please contact us for more information.
• Saxon Math 
• Foss Science (Science Fair for grades 3-5) 
• Reading/Language 
• Spelling & Phonics (Spelling Bee for grades 4-5) 
• Social Studies 
• Religion: Lectionary-based & family oriented 
• D’Nealian manuscript and cursive 
• Music/Children’s Choir 
• Physical Education 
• Art 
• Computer Education 
• Library 
• Technology: Wireless Internet Access, Smart Boards, iPad lab. St. Bernard’s has a high sensitivity and understanding of the use and evolution of technology. We continue to apply technology in appropriate and constructive uses. See our statement on Technology in Education on this page.
• Support and enrichment programs including Speech, Reading Recovery, and After-School Care.
Other educational opportunities: Students also participate in Prayer Buddies (inter-grade cooperation), weekly Mass participation, and sacramental preparation in the second grade.

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As a parent, there is always a concern about your child making the transition from 5th grade into the middle school environment. Don’t let yourself believe all the hype about moving from a parochial school. 

Transitions are an unavoidable part of life, and the children do best when they learn how to adjust productively. St. Bernard’s School seeks to prepare students for success through strong academic behaviors and attitudes, priceless leadership opportunities, life skills, and adaptive strategies. More importantly, St. Bernard’s will provide an invaluable foundation for their futures in laying a firm groundwork in morality. 

St. Bernard’s also prepares students by: 
1. Christian value formation and moral formation to carry them through 
    any test or obstacle. 
2. Providing a strong emphasis on the development of integrity and 
    character in order to gain: good judgment, a good sense of self-worth, 
    compassion and respect for others. 
3. Teachers promote good discipline and good study habits. 
4. Keeping homework journals starting in the 4th grade. 
5. Building long-lasting friendships and good relationships. 
6. Preparing students academically. 
7. Visiting and touring the Middle School during their 6th grade 
8. Promoting sports and clubs. 
Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service​

Catholic schools are noted for their academic excellence and high moral standards and the 2015 Catholic Schools Week theme — Catholic Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service — celebrates these accomplishments.
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