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Have you ever wondered what God wants for your family?

The family is the cornerstone of society, but raising a family in today’s culture is more challenging than ever. You won’t raise your children alone at St. Bernard’s! 

The St. Bernard’s School advantage is reflected in the philosophy that permeates the total education program and the lives of the faculty and students. This philosophy challenges students to improve the world by sharing Gospel values and living Christ’s message of salvation. They grow to understand the roots of their faith and their responsibilities as Christians. What is a Christian value education? 

• Educate the whole child for a firm foundation for the future. 
• Family oriented – lessons learned at home are reinforced at school. 
• The day starts and ends in prayer. 
• Atmosphere to develop character and integrity. 
• Builds its foundation on the belief that faith and education are inseparable. Students are taught to be respectful and compassionate, and emphasis is placed not only on academic achievement, but on moral and spiritual growth. 
• Faculty and staff are role models who share their faith. 
• Likely your children and your friends will have the same morals and values. Emphasize those values that encourage students to accept others rather than exclude them. 
• Our students are students of service with each other, in the parish and the community. 
• Catholic doctrine is taught. All faiths are welcome. All share experiences of faith and values. 
• Opportunity to help you, as a parent, to grow in your faith with your child.
We would love to sit down and go through your questions about 
St. Bernards and Catholic School Education. Please take a look throught our website. Any questions that are not answered here please contact us and we will be sure to get them answered. We are at your service. 

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2017-2018 tuition for St. Bernard’s is as follows:
• Preschool: $900 ($100/month)
• Prekindergarten: $1,080 ($120/month)
• K-5: $2,860 (non-parish families $3,168)
• A tuition assistance program is available for families that meet financial aid criteria, making it affordable for all families.
Note: Actual tuition on your bill may vary some due to PreK Scholarship fee, registration fees and discounts. 

Tuition Assistance and flexible payment options are available.
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Nationwide Elementary Catholic School Tuition mean in 2014 is $3,880
($1,307 more than St. Bernard's).
(Source: NCEA - National Catholic Educational Association)
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